How We Can Save Money In Day To Day Life

Meal planning is a great way to save money as you end up only shopping once a week and avoid eating out. Going out for a fun day with friends.

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What can really go a long way is if you slow down for a second have one of those world famous family conferences and plan.

How we can save money in day to day life. Whereas credit card payments can tempt you to make impulse buys cash helps you stick to your budget because you can t spend any money you don t have. Leave the rest at home. Here are 10 extremely powerful ways to save money.

That s money in your pocket right there. There are sites like blablacar that offer ride sharing. Pay for day to day expenses with cash.

With average electricity bill of 100 you can save up to 10 per month by switching ac off alone. Switch off the fan air conditioner when you leave a room. With a steep increase in fuel prices carpooling can be a wise person s way of saving money.

Many people don t realize planning their meals around weekly sales items can translate into big savings. Take only as much as you need for the basics dinner or a movie say. Before making any shopping list check what you already have.

There are easy ways to spend and save money every day like removing stored credit card numbers implementing a 48 rule of spending and logging every expense. Buy and sell secondhand products. Evaluate your budget and determine spending categories you can switch to cash only payments for example entertainment or dining.

You can even plan your meals around upcoming or weekly sales. Even popular cab aggregators like ola and uber offer you the option to share rides. During summer months if we are coming back home just before the bed time we turn ac at 81 degrees so that by the time we are off to bed room is cooler to bearing level.

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