How Much Money Did Russia Give To The Clinton Foundation

The clintons and their foundation raked in a cool 145 million in donations and speaking fees just from uranium one and rosatom affiliated donors while secretary of state hillary clinton was. Yet 17 of the 28 american european and russian companies that participated in the skolkovo initiative were clinton foundation donors or sponsored speeches for former president bill clinton.

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The amount of money given to the foundation from key skolkovo partners ranges from 6 5 to 23 5 million according to clinton foundation data.

How much money did russia give to the clinton foundation. Bill clinton did receive 500 000 to deliver a speech at a russian bank that was promoting uranium one stock according to the new york times and the company s chairman donated 2 35 million to. Hillary clinton s state department approved the transfer of 20 of america s uranium holdings to russia while nine investors in the deal funneled 145 million to the clinton foundation. The foundation only discloses donations in ranges making it difficult to track the exact amount.

Sixteen foreign governments donated up to 170 million after their representatives had meetings with secretary clinton the ap reported. Yet 17 of the 28 american european and russian companies that participated in the skolkovo initiative were clinton foundation donors or sponsored speeches for former president bill clinton. Why was trump s campaign investigated we ve fact checked variations of the claim and this one is no more accurate.

Russia donated 145 000 000 to the clinton foundation. Says hillary clinton sold 20 percent of america s uranium to russia and then the russian government gave 145 million to the clinton foundation former fbi director and special counsel robert. As the russians gradually assumed control of uranium one in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013 canadian records show a flow of cash made its way to the clinton foundation.

Republican presidential candidate carly fiorina says that so little of the charitable donations to the clinton foundation actually go to charitable works a figure carly for america later. Why did the saudi regime and other gulf tyrannies donate millions to the clinton foundation wondered left wing journalist glenn greenwald.

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