How To Use Ancestor Money

Step by step offering instructions have your offering ready. And so much more but mostly people burn hell notes for payment to their ancestors for veneration honor worship and to take care of their needs spiritual needs in the afterlife including earthly things as well as emotional and spiritual things to assist them on moving on to the next world or ascension.

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How to use ancestor money.

How to use ancestor money. Light an ancestor note from your burning candle using your right hand giving putting out hand. While saying who the ancestor money is for see step 1 place dollar s in the cauldron using your right hand. The chinese joss paper spirit money known as hell bank notes are commonly used in all manner of contemporary ancestor ceremonies.

Ancestor money also dissolves negative debt karma usually caused by debt. Adding product to your cart. Your ancestors are then able to get things they need in the spirit world.

Ancestor money also commonly referred to as spirit money ghost money hell notes heaven notes among others. What is ancestor money and how do yo. Set the offering on the altar.

Now one sided so you can write your petition on the back. You will receive 10 peaces worth 1000 deeds acts on your behalf each. It is a note made for the sole purpose of being burnt and offered to your ancestors.

Feel free to leave any comments or ask questions and i ll do my best to respond in a timely manner. You can get ancestor money on amazon for very fair prices i ll leave a link below for easy access. You can use ancestor money for any of your altars.

In ancient cultures the dead especially one s own ancestors are given gifts of spirit money to pay debts. While the money is burning in the cauldron imagine a. Burn it in a.

I usually give a portion or plate of what i m eating for dinner. Please know in my. Just say your regular opening and include that your giving a money offering to your ancestor deity.

Simply put ancestor money is paper that you can burn to send into the spirit realm. To all my ancestors both known and unknown. The most traditional notes bear the seal of the afterlife s bank of heaven and earth while others are printed to resemble legal tender currency from various countries.

Give as much or as little as. Our ancestors are then able to get things they need and further aid us in the spirit world by trading these custom made deeds burning ancestor money dissolves financial karmic. Burning ancestral money also helps dissolve financial debt that they incurred while being alive.

This burning ritual at your ancestral altar provides the ancestors with what they need on the other side. But ladies and gentlemen that s all the information i have for you today.

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