Bdo How To Make Money From Cooking

With cooking and alchemy nobody is going to give you their secrets on here because it would crash their market. This can be turned in for contribution points and when you have 1 2 second cook time is one of the best ways to increase your cp.

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Get rich in bdo part 1.

Bdo how to make money from cooking. The first video in my powerlevel to guru guide series for black desert online. Your best bet is to sell literally anything on the imperial cooking or alternatively you can look at the market yourself and do some math based on the raw material cost and finished products based off of recipes you look up online. Compared to most lifeskills making money by cooking is quite straightforward as you can pack a lot of meals into boxes which you can sell to imperial delivery npcs for a nice sum of money or also craft meals that are in high demand from players and sell them on the central market you will have to look for the most profitable option based on the recipe.

Use crystals buffs to ap attack speed critical allow faster grinding. Some people like to incorporate imperial cooking when farming because you create a useful resource surplus to create dishes and sell the imperial boxes for money. Cooking brings together various ingredients to make useful dishes like beer to feed your workers.

Cooking is related to passive income because when cooking any recipe you have a chance to get the item dish with poorly prepared ingredients. Anyways cooking is more of a supplementary lifeskill for afk moneymaking. I think the best two ways to make money through cooking is making the food buffs like knight s combat valencia margoria hamburg etc to sell on market and doing the imperial food crates.

Eminent s bdo cooking guide cooking is one of the most useful life skills in the game and is a must if you want to build your account. But i can t just jump into that post because a supporting task must be explained first. Don t do it as your main but dabble in it to improve your silver day passively by hitting the imperial delivery resets and.

Eat food buffs to ap attack speed critical allow faster grinding. It s just that i wanted to reach high level to access quests both normal and daily that give contribution xp and knowledge as both are needed for a huge afk farm. Drink milk tea greater exp gain allows for faster leveling which allows for faster grinding.

Cooking beer you thought i m going to make money on monsters. Note that milk tea and food are affected by the same cooldown. Most importantly however is that cooking is the fastest method in the game to raise your contribution points.

You can enhance your profit to approximately 60 to 70 million per day when doing farming and imperial cooking together. Https www twitch tv airstylez fire your questions at me when i m live happy.

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