How Much Money Did Obama Give To Kenya

Bush went with his family in 2003 and again in 2008. Organizations the congressional aides said.

Obama Brings 1b Gift For Kenyan Entrepreneurs Voice Of America English

Why the us is investing 500 million in african women president obama pledged 1 billion to support entrepreneurship projects worldwide with half earmarked for women and youth.

How much money did obama give to kenya. In 2006 barack obama took a trip to kenya on the taxpayer s dime. I know both ideas sound crazy but they re no crazier than giving 1 5 billion in military aid to the muslim brotherhood. Ties with africa beyond.

In addition to the 221 million for the palestinians the obama administration also told congress on friday it was going ahead with the release of another 6 million in foreign affairs spending including 4 million for climate change programs and 1 25 million for u n. Raila odinga was later elected prime minister of. While visiting kenya as a guest of the government obama campaigned for socialist raila odinga who claims he is obama s cousin.

Perhaps the obama administration can also circumvent congress and give the iranians some nuclear materials or give hamas some advanced weaponry. But president obama s travels to africa are just like those of the two presidents before him. This is personal for me mr.

Odinga s opponents said odinga was using obama as his stooge here s the video. The second thing obama did this is what tom in anderson south carolina was calling about is kenya is one of the six sub saharan african countries that obama is giving 7 billion to help them. Congress passed the legislative transparency and accountability act which closely mirrored and drew.

Washington seeking to strengthen america s financial foothold in africa president barack obama announced 33 billion in commitments tuesday aimed at shifting u s. Obama did help pass a major ethics reform bill as an illinois state senator and 110th u s. President obama brought 1 billion in new investments about half from government backed loans or grants to boost young entrepreneurs in africa.

Bill clinton went in 1998 and george w. The democrats and president obama gave iran 150 billion dollars and got nothing but they can t give 5 billion dollars for national security and a wall.

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