How To Wear Money Amulet

The money amulet goes through a special prayer ceremony aimed for the individual who is going to wear that. Fire go over the flame of a candle display as all your impurities burn in it.

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Many of those who already wear the money amulet share that they do not have to make incredible efforts now to achieve balance.

How to wear money amulet. It is individually produced for a specific person with each amulet having an ancient ritual. Light the candle and incense. If desired you can wear a charm in your wallet but separately from money.

Water holding under the running water under the faucet if you do not have access to the stream or river. It can be worn discreetly for example the christian crucifix in its name already has a clue where this place is in fact an amulet on the body. Turn to the south and hold the.

Donate to temples or help needy to gain merits. Then pull the coin out and hold it for two minutes. Put the amulet you created in a purse or where you keep the money.

As it performs a protective function no matter whether it is visible to others. Turn to the east and while holding the amulet over the incense smoke chant. The only thing necessary for the.

If possible please follow the 5 buddha precepts wear real amulets that are consecrated by masters. Hold it over the salt and say the following chant. To exchange energy with money amulet talk to him and ask for help hold in the palms of your hands.

Many amulets we seen in market now are factory made and are fakes. How to wear amulet. How to clean charms talismans and amulets.

Money amulet is a magic talisman that brings wealth. How to activate the talisman. Take the amulet you want to consecrate in your hands and stand facing north.

Money amulet looks like an ancient coin with a hole in the middle. This money amulet can prevent significant misfortunes as well.

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