How To Fold Money Into The Twin Towers

Fold a 20 bill in half so that you see the top half of the reverse side like this. Step 1 fold the bill this way 20 dollar bill twin towers step 2 next fold the bill this way make sure that you fold exactly like the picture.

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Arrange the bill so that you are looking at the top half of the backside you should see the words the united states of america flanked by two 20 s.

How to fold money into the twin towers. This trick will be a hit at your next gathering. You will see in progressive order from the 5 to the 100 a tranquil setting the crash the buildings burning the buildings collapsing then lastly no building just a faint trail of smoke. Learn how to do a neat little magic trick folding up a 5 and 20 bill.

Follow along and learn the step by step instructions to folding the five or twenty dollar bill to be able to see the twin towers. It s creepy how you can see the image of the twin towers in the folded dollar bills. Fold a 20 bill in half lengthwise.

Fold the other end up in a similar manner so that the edges of the two folds are side by side. The front of the bill should face into the fold. In this video you will see all about the amazing 20 dollar bill.

This is a 20 dollar bill trick that if you fold it like shown in the video you will the twin towers burning. Fold the sides of the bill up so that they meet in the middle and form a downward facing pyramid much like making the nose on a paper airplane. If you really want to get into the conspiracy theory do the exact same thing with a 5 10 20 50 100.

20 dollar bill the initial discovery and source of shock and awe. Roy fields a christian musician has posted a viral video that purports to show the destruction of the twin towers on 9 11 using folded money. Fold one end of the bill upward at a 45 degree angle starting at the center of the bill.

Take a look at this crazy coincidence or conspiracy that involves the twin towers and the pe. Impress your friends with this bar trick. The result is the twin towers on fire.

Beneath this you ll find the words in god we trust and the top of the white house. Hold the bill so the opening of the fold faces upward and the words united states of america face away from you.

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